The life path number and what it indicate


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Having ascertained a person’s life path number, in other words, having discovered to which of the nine types of humanity he or she belongs, we can analyse his or her characteristics, strong and weak points, etc., as follows

The Life Path Number 1

This number is symbolised by the I Sun, the centre of the Solar System, and the greatest body of our material realm. I t indicates aggression, action, ambition. A strong number, representing force, creative ability, individualism, self-assertiveness. It is a number of ruling, directing, and the pioneer spirit that accomplishes things not accomplished before.

Positive Qualities of 1 : are self reliance, distinction, leadership, dignity, inventive genius, and above all, power and definiteness of purpose.

Negative Qualities of number 1 .-Selfishness, domination, lack of forethought, narrow mindedness and inability to heed good advice. Number one people are loved and admired by many, but they are also liable to create enemies among those whom they sweep aside in their desire for progress.  Culture, education and refinement are of great value,in fact are almost essential, to the proper development  of the number one person.

Life Path Number 2

This number is symbolized by the 2 Moon, which is ever changing, yet complete and regular, possessing a gentle yet noticeable influence. It indicates diplomacy, antithesis, balance, contrast. A social number-tact and the ability to make friends will ensure its owner happiness.

Positive Qualities of Number 2 of number two are a keen sense of natural justice, tactfulness, desire for peace, the home loving instincts and caution. Many reconciliations have been br ought about by number two people, who are the world’s peacemakers. They are unselfish, and do not expect any return for their efforts, content in the belief that virtue is its own reward.

Negative Qualities of number 2.-Lack of ambition, procrastination, over passiveness, and a tendency to give way to a stronger personality, even when in the right.A number two person should develop a certain amount of aggressiveness, and not fear to take action when the occasion demands it. It is a number that presents great possibilities for development, but these possibilities may be wasted through failure to take advantage of them.

Life Path Number 3

Just as the triangle is uneven yet 3 harmonious, so is number three. It is symbolized by the planet Mars, powerful, strong, fearless. It indicates talent, versatility and gaiety, mirth, good cheer-pleasure and inspiration being the principal characteristics of this number.

Positive Qualities of Number 3 of number three are independence, fearlessness, and enthusiasm, activeness will
quickly sense the time for tact (which is not instinctive in number one) yet does not depend upon tact as does number two. A person of this number can succeed in almost anything he undertakes, provided he will concentrate on the object in view. He will laugh at failure and have a natural capability for taking care of himself. The enthusiasm of number three is contagious, and will often sweep away difficulties, which to other people appear insuperable.

Negative Qualities of number 3.-Indifference, tendency to think more of popularity than of esteem, extravagance,at times unjustifiable optimism, assuming that as they have been successful in the past they are bound to be so in the future. The qualities most needed by number three are centralization and concentration of effort. When they have gained success they should not allow themselves to be sidetracked by some passing fancy , because an opportunity once lost, may never be regained, and the strength and endurance of youth naturally become impaired with the passing years. They should cultivate effort . If their natural talent and versatility are coupled with consistent effort, the result will be a powerful combination towards success.

Life Path Number 4

-This number is symbolized by the 4 planet Mercury, sometimes favorable, sometimes unfavorable, always influenced by the power of stronger and more certain agencies.  It indicates steadiness and endurance. It is the number of the hard worker and the plodder, of useful purpose, constant toil and monotony.

Positive Qualities of Number 4 of number four are regularity, deliberation, strength of purpose and steadfastness. Usefulness is its chief asset . Some authorities consider number four people the • salt of the earth,’ because they are always ready to undertake

Negative Qualities of number 4: Lack of imagination and initiative, crudeness, clumsiness, and inability to adapt themselves to changed circumstances. Number four has sometimes been called the symbol of defeat, poverty and misery. This is not so. Four people can  attain success by practicing self-development. Education is of the highest importance to them, more so even than to number one, and without being arrogant they should assert themselves more and demand the recognition which their talents merit.

Life Path Number 5

This number is symbolized by Jupiter, the greatest of the planets, yet not always the brightest. It indicates adventure, travel and experience. The higher the number, the more complex the personality. Theosophists ascribe this to the added experience gained in successive lives. Be that as it may, number five is indeed so complex that it is difficult to draw a line of demarcation between its good and bad qualities. Many people ruled by number five accomplish little.but lead a confused, unstable existence. They have short bursts of enthusiasm, but lose interest too quickly to get anything done. They are rolling stones, however, and their wanderings frequently make their lives interesting and rich in experiences. Number five people have a dual personality. They can rise to the greatest heights, and, just as easily,sink to the lowest depths.

They are reputed to be successful in love, but will cast aside an old sweetheart for a new one, and so are often considered to be fickle and faithless. They make new friends easily-are good” mixers” and easily influenced by their surroundings.

Positive Qualities of Number 5 are adaptability and ceaseless activity.

Negative Qualities of number 5: Changeability and fickleness. To attain the best in life, the number five person should cultivate stability-singleness of purpose-and endeavour to use his natural gifts for the benefit of mankind.

Life Path Number 6

This number is symbolized by the 6 planet Venus, which represents goodness, truth, beauty and love. It indicates dependability and balance. Those owning this number are considered to be the backbone of a community. They are staunch friends, good citizens, honest reliable people, home makers, and kind and considerate folk. They are generally hampered by too much modesty, and unless this is corrected are seldom appreciated at their true worth. In some  ways it is perhaps the most fortunate of all the numbers.

Positive Qualities of Number 6 of number six are honesty, reliability, unselfishness and evenness of disposition. They revolt against all unscrupulous practices and instinctively conform to established ideas of right and wrong.

Negative Qualities of Number 6-The very excellence of number six produces its own faults, which are intolerance of the imperfections of others and a tendency feel they are on a superior plane to the rest of mankind- snobbishness and poor business ability. The last often shows itself in over-honesty, such as reluctance to enter into competition, and too much liberality to persons who are undeserving of it .

To attain success the number six person should cultivate business acumen, and learn to make allowances for others.

Life Path Number 7

This number is symbolised by the 7 planet Saturn-dark and mysterious, which with its rings is different from all other bodies in our solar system. It indicates mystery, study, knowledge. Those ruled by this number often have a hard time in the world, and are not destined for renown or glory. Their natures are full of beauty and poetry, but they are seldom understood. Loneliness, sorrow and excessive shyness, together with lack of social grace. mark this number. It tends towards the mystic and the occult.

Positive Qualities of Number 7 of number seven are  studiousness, inspiration, imagination, stoicism and
mental courage. Number seven people will undergo great hardships without faltering. Number seven is the mystic number, and has also been called the Psychic number. Many seven people possess strange and uncanny powers and are the world’s mediums in the Spiritualist sense.

Negative Qualities of Number 7-Melancholics, moodiness, lack of self-expression, a craving for solitude and a marked tendency towards too much introspection. To get the best out of life the number seven person.

Life Path Number 8

This number is symbolised by the 8 planet Uranus, which is influenced by the sun. Hence it has a lot in common with number one. It indicates power, progress and material success. Money and success are the qualities this lucky number attracts. It is the number of achievement, attainment and acquirement. People under this sign are greatly respected. Business acumen and executive ability amount in them to genius. Number eight combines the judgment of number two with the carefulness of number four.

Positive Qualities of Number 8 of number eight are practical knowledge, ability to conduct their own affairs,
and also to direct other people-power of consolidation along practical, logical and business lines.

Negative Qualities of Number 8-Self-assertiveness, restricted outlook, lack of imagination and self-satisfaction. Not all number eight people are successful on the material plane, because number eight represents the ultimate in even construction and allows no room for higher development.

If their natural talents are not of a high order they should surround themselves with people who possess the talents they lack, utilizing to the full their own inherent flair for directing others.

The chief fault of number eight is really a result of lack of inspiration. That is over-success. Should a number eight person fail in business, he should endeavour to reconstruct rather than recuperate, because number eight being a progressive number does not ordinarily ‘come back.

Life Path Number 9

This number, the greatest of all the 9 primal numbers is symbolised by the planet Neptune. It indicates universal influence and magnetic power. Number nine has the success of number eight, with the difference that number eight is a practical number. Nine is not interested in material success but achieves it usually by accident. Genius and great talent are the outstanding qualities of this number. Its influence is universal. Potentially, it possesses all the attributes of the other eight numbers. Instinctive knowledge is a great asset to number nine people. They are artistic in nature, possess charming personalities, talent, and have dramatic ability.They are outstanding and often develop a high personality that inspires the confidence of other people. Number nine is the number of the thinker. It has the logical and intuitive faculties equally inherent.

Life Path Number 9 of number nine are integrity,idealism, and creative genius, also ability to
succeed without apparent effort.

Positive Qualities of Number 9-Number nine has its faults. Ambition always seems easy to gratify, and there is a tendency to defer constructive action, with the result that when the time comes for action, they are unprepared and taken unawares, so many opportunities are lost.If the number nine person will only develop concentration and application and eschew impractical ideas, his path to success is assured, and his chances of rising to great heights in practically every sphere of activity, almost unlimited.

We have now outlined the principal characteristics of the nine different types of humanity, but they must not necessarily be taken as “hard and fast.” There are exceptions to every rule, and this maxim applies equally to Numerology, as it does to everything else in an imperfect world limited as it is to a subjective concept of a postulated