numerology number 8 meaning

What is number 8 meaning in numerology

numerology number 8 meaning

In numerology number 8 stands in symbolism for the Planet Saturn. This number influences all persons born on the 8th, 17th,or 26th in any month, but still more so if their birthday comes between the 21st December and the 26th January, which period is called the House of Saturn (Positive) , and from the 26th January to February 19th-26th , the period called the House of Saturn (Negative) .

These people are invariably much misunderstood in their lives, and perhaps for this reason they feel intensely lonely at heart. They have deep and very intense natures, great strength of individuality they generally play some important role on life’s stage, but usually one which is fatalistic, or as the instrument of Fate for others.

If at all religious they go to extremes and are fanatics in their zeal. In any cause they take up, they attempt to carry it through in spite of all argument or opposition, and in doing so they generally make bitter and relentless enemies.

They often appear cold and undemonstrative, though in reality they have warm hearts towards the oppressed of all classes ; but they hide their feelings and allow people to think just what they please .These number 8 people are either great successes or great failures ; there appears to be no happy medium in their case. If ambitious. they generally aim for public life or government responsibility of some kind , and of ten hold very high positions involving great sacrifice on their part.It is not, however from a worldly standpoint, a fortunate number to be born under, and such persons of ten are called on to face the very greatest sorrows, losses, and humiliations.

The ”lucky ” colors for people born under the 8 are all shades of dark grey,black , dark blue, and purple. If number
8 persons were to dress in light colors they would look awkward, and as if there were something wrong with them. The number 8 being a Saturn number, Saturday is their most important day, but on account of the number
4 having influence on a Sunday and in a secondary way on a Monday, the number 8 people will find Saturday, Sunday, and Monday their most important days.

Number 8 people should endeavor to carry out their plans and aims on all days that fall under their ” own
numberJ” such as the 8th , 17th, or 26th in any month, but more especially so when these dates fall in the ” period of the 8,” namely, from the 21st December to January 20th-27th, and from that date to February 19th-26th also if these dates fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, or their inter­ changeable number, which is 4, such as the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st.

Their ”lucky ” stones are the amethyst and the dark­ toned sapphire, also the black pearl or the black diamond and if possible they should wear one of these next their skin. The number 8 is a difficult number to explain. It repre­sents two worlds, the material and the spiritual. It is in fact , if one regards it, like two circles just touching together.

It is composed of two equal numbers : 4 and 4.

From the earliest ages it has been associated with the symbol of an irrevocable Fate, both in connection with the lives of individuals or nations. In Astrology it stands for Saturn, which is also called the Planet of Fate.

One side of the nature of this number represents upheaval, revolution, anarchy, waywardness and eccentricities of all kinds.

The other side represents philosophic though t , a strong leaning towards occult studies, religious devotion , concentration of purpose, zeal f or any cause espoused, and a fatalistic outlook coloring all actions.

All persons who have the number 8 clearly associated with their lives feel that they are distinct and different from their fellows. At heart they are lonely they are misunderstood , and they seldom reap ‘the reward for the good they may do while they are living. After their death they are often extolled, their works praised, and lasting tributes offered to their memory.

Those on the lower plane generally come into conflict with human justice and have some tragic ending to their lives. Those on the higher plane carry their misunderstood motives and lay bare the tragedy of their souls before Divided Justice.
To distinguish in which of these two classes a number 8 person falls, one must find by the comparison of their ‘fadic numbers if they are completely dominated by the recurrence of 8 in the principal events of their lives, or if some other equally powerful number such as the I, 3 or 6 series does not more or less balance the sequel of events registered under the 8 and all its series.

If the latter is the case, one may be sure that by the long series of reincarnation s they have passed through, they have paid the price in some former state, and are now passing towards the higher, where Divine Justice will give them their reward.

lf  on the contrary. we find that the person is completely dominated by the number 8, always recurring in important events, or if instead of 8 the nearly equally fatalistic number of 4 is continually recurring, we may then be sure that we are in the presence of one of those strange playthings of Fate with the possibilities that tragedy may be inter­ woven in their Destiny.

In the more ordinary tragedies of everyday life, we can find an illuminating example in the life and execution of Crippen, whose principal actions were singularly influenced by the terrible combination of the 8 and the 4.

Looking back over bis career, and especially the events which led up to his paying that terrible forfeit at the hands of the law, one will find these numbers associated in the most dramatic way with this man’s life, as illustrated  by the following facts :
The figures of the yea.r he was born in (1862), if added together, produce an 8 (17 equals plus 7 equals 8). He was born on the 26th of January, or 2 plus 6 equals 8.

His wife was not seen alive after dinner with him on the 31st January, which is a 4, and the month of January is itself called the House of Saturn, whose number is an 8.

He made his statement to Inspector Drew (which was later to be used as overwhelming evidence against him) on the 8th July.

The human remains were found in the cellar on 13th July, which again makes the number 4.

To try to escape he chose the name Robinson  which has, strange to say, 8 letters in it. He was recognized on board the M0ntrose on the 22nd July, which again equals a 4.

The name of the ship he chose to leave Europe by (the Montrose) has 8 letters, and the ship that brought him back to his doom, the Megantic, was also composed of 8 letters.
He was arrested, as this ship reached Canada, on the morning of the 31st July, which again equals 4.
His trial finished on Saturday, 22nd October, which is again the 4, and October being the month of ” the detriment of Saturn  gives again the 8.

The occult number by which Saturday is designated is an 8. His execution was fixed for the 8th November.
His appeal was heard and refused on Saturday, 5th November. The 5 added to the 8, which Saturday is a symbol of , again makes the figure 13, which number again equals a 4.

When his appeal failed, the date of execution was changed to the 23rd November. The addition of 2-3 makes a 5, and the division of the Zodiac which represents this portion of November is designated as a 3 ; and this 3, if added to the date (the 23rd), makes the figure 26, which by addition (2 plus 6) again equals 8. Or if the 3 were added to the number of 23 we would get 26 or the 8.

The symbol of the number 8, I may also mention, from time immemorial, in occult studies, is called the ”symbol
of human justice.”

Basic Meaning of Number 8 in numerology

This is the number of power and success in the material world. It is a natural combination of all the preceding numbers and the lessons contained in them. You will have a very clear picture of what you want and how to get it, and you will be willing to invest the time and effort necessary. One of your positive traits is your ability to see things objectively and consider all sides of a situation before making a decision. The main danger in this is the tendency
to over-analyze a situation to the point where it becomes difficult to act. Care must be taken that you don’t develop any of the negative qualities of the preceding numbers (especially the stubborn tendencies of the four), because they will be especially pronounced and difficult to overcome in an advanced number like Eight.

Good Qualities and influence on number 8 as per given below.

  • Money/Materialism
  • Success/Abundance
  • The Boss/authority
  • Mastery
  • Organization
  • Recognition
  • Achievement
  • Financial Mgmt.
  • Business Savvy