Numerology Life Path Number Explained

The essence of numerology revolves around the life path number. This is the number that defines a person’s personality traits, thus defining how successful or not a person will be in business, love and life in general. The number is derived from the sum of the digits in your birthdate and is then reduced to a single number by adding the digits together over and over until the final sum is a single digit.

For example, if a person was born May 2, 1972– or 5/2/1972– you would add 5u?? for a total of 1979. Then add 1??? and you get 26. Add 2? for a total of 8. A person with this birthdate has a Life Path number of 8. (Remember to add the entire year as a whole number to the month and day of the birth. don’t add 19?. Add 1972 to 5 and 2.)

The only time a double digit number is used is if the birthdate is reduced to one of the Master numbers. The Master numbers are 11, 22, and 33. If you are adding a birthdate that totals one of these Master numbers, stop reducing. Your birthdate corresponds to a Master number, not a single digit. In other words, if at any time during the addition process, you reach the number 11, do not add 1U to get 2. Stop at 11, 22 or 33 if at any time you reach these sums. If your birthdate reduces to a Master number, chances are you will have the potential to reach a higher level of achievement than a person with a single digit Life Path number. But it somes with a price, Master numbers often also mean a higher degree of struggle to reach your achievements.

The Life Path Numbers:

1- Life Path number 1 defines a natural born leader. Your nature is independent and defined by need for personal attainment.

2- Life Path number 2 defines you as a peacemaker. You are a diplomatic person and have powerful skills of persuasion to settle conflicts and carve your path in the world.

3- Life Path number 3 defines you as a creative person with excellent communications skills. You have a very optimistic attitude and excel in areas such as writing, speaking or acting.

4- Life Path number 4 defines the builder. You are genius at planning, fixing, building and making things work. You tend to be viewed as practical, down to Earth and trustworthy.

5- Life Path number 5 defines the freedom seeker. You strive to make the world a better place. You are naturally adventurous and desire to be unrestrained in any way.

6- Life path number 6 defines you as a nurturer. You have a strong natural instinct toward domesticity which lends you the ability to cultivate a rock solid family and home life.

7- Life Path number 7 defines you as the investigator. You are a thinker and an observer and have the ability to evaluate things fast and to the point. You are a great judge of character and a strict perfectionist.

8- Life Path number 8 defines you as the ultimate organizer. You are ambitious and efficient and able to manage your environment well in any situation. People with this Life Path number are often workaholics and over achievers.

9- Life Path number 9 defines you as a humanitarian. You are generous, compassionate and emotional. Reward for you comes in the form of selflessness for the common good and helping others rather than material gain.