Famous people in History And Their Life path number

life path number 1

Napoleon, Benjamin Disraeli and George Washington were all ruled by the figure 1, so also are Henry Ford, Lord Beaverbrook and Charles Chaplin.

life path number 2

the number of the diplomat-ruled Thomas Carlyle. It also ruled Sir James Barrie and His Majesty  King George V, whose outstanding diplomacy has ensured him a firm” niche” in history.

life path number 3

Charles Dickens was ruled by number 3-as also Mr.  Justice Du Parcq (who presided at the Dartmoor enquiry). It also ruled the late Queen Victoria.

life path number 4

4 is the number of Marconi-the inventor of wireless also of Lord Austin, the car manufacturer, and Gordon Selfridge, thus proving that the 4 person is capable of attaining material success.

life path number 5

The” Versatile” number 5 ruled Lord Tennyson, Lord Nelson, Charles Darwin-it also rules Michael Arlen (the novelist), Hilaire BeIloc, H. M. Bateman and Paderewski people of widely divergent activities.

life path number 6

The Duke of Windsor is governed by number 6 as also are Sir Oliver Lodge, Einstein (of Relativity fame), Earl Baldwin (Honest Stan), and Sir Alan Cobham.  Many ecclesiastical dignitaries were ruled by number 6, including H.E. Cardinal Bourne and the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Lang).

life path number 7

Ramsay Macdonald was ruled by the mystic number 7 thosewho knew him intimately regarded him as the true 7 type. It is also the ruling number of De Valera (the stormy petrel of Irish politics) and of Winston Churchill. The late King Edward VII was ruled by the figure, but had not one in his birth date.

life path number 8

The number 8-” the psychic symbol of human justice “governed  such legal luminaries as Lord Reading and Norman Birkett, KiC. Oliver Cromwell-ruthless and, in practice, very material-was also a number 8 personality.

life path number 9

The host of famous people ruled by the all-powerful 9 is endless. It includes LIoyd George, Sir Abe Bailey , John D.Rockefeller, Baden-Powell, Henry Ainley (one of, if not the finest, of our modern actors) to name only a few.